How it works

Sail-Safe System is the implementation of the Quality Standard designed by HARTIS and cooperating Partners to assure the provision of high quality services to end clients in the yachting sector. Each additional "Sail", represents a higher quality standard of the offered services. Ratings are provided for Yachts as well as Skippers & Hostesses.

In yachting 'life', safety is very important as it lets yachters - skippers and crew - get all the fun yachting can offer. Without safety in place, yachter’s mind is continuously busy trying to predict unfortunate situations and even more to identify methods how to prevent them in case they occur, thus missing the relaxation of the yachting time. So safety implies quality yachting time.

On the other hand, if yachts’ quality is controlled and even more certified, it means that proper maintenance is done and assessed risks are minimized if not totally mitigated. In other words, cruising on a qualified yacht is cruising in a predictable environment. So quality means safe conditions.

In Hartis, we are focusing on the end customer satisfaction and we believe that safe yachting is the ultimate mission of all related businesses that deal with yachts chartering.

For this reason we have built an integrated quality system that controls the quality of the yacht and its environment. We target through the quality system to ensure safety and end customers to do "Sail-Safe".


Yachts Sails

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Owners and charter operators are requested to complete questionnaires providing information concerning the Marina Services, the Operator Services and their Yacht’s Inventory list. The provided information is evaluated and based on the Sail-Safe evaluation algorithm, each Yacht is rated with an ascending number of "Sails" (in the same logic a hotel is awarded the "Stars" for its amenities to guests).

There are three main parameters that are evaluated:

Marina Services: Rated the services provided at the base marina (of the particular yacht).

Operator Services: Rated the operator services, whether it provides the basic organization facilities or offers more advanced services, such as local desk, skipper meeting and 24 hours itinerary assistance, etc.

Yacht Inventory list: Rated the basic gear, the navigation tools, the safety measures, the leisure equipment and other extras.


Skipper/Hostess Sails

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Skippers and Hostesses upon signing in Sail-Book are requested to complete an extensive questionnaire providing information concerning Yachting Experience (miles & years), Technical Education (certifications & seminars), Other Experience, Interests & Hobbies.

Provided information is evaluated and based on the Sail-Safe evaluation algorithm, each Skipper/Hostess is rated with an ascending number of "Sails".