SailBook Benefits

Receive online bookings

You and yours partners can place online bookings through SailBook, their website or SailBook mobile app!

Notifications via Email

Get notifications whenever bookings or options are placed.

Security is Paramount

Yacht profiles and availability calendar details are visible only by agents to enable booking.

Agents CRM Database

Create your own agents database based on the ones joined already SailBook and your own contacts.

Multiple bases

You can have multiple service locations and assign support contacts and special services to those different locations.

Custom Extras

Ability to customise your business extra services and equipment.

Room to Grow

Unlimited proposals, unlimited special offers, unlimited options and unlimited bookings at no extra cost!


Adjust the booking proposals and customize notifications, reminders, feedback requests etc.

Business Analytics

Monitor your proposals, options and bookings in any device at any time.

Bookings Calendar

Check the custom bookings page to prioritise clients support.

Integration & API

Use our web services API to show yachts availability in your website.

Special Offers

Sell more during low times by offering discounts and even reward your clients for telling their friends about a promotion.

Book anywhere

Partners can place bookings via the web using any device, anywhere and at any time.


Email reminders & automatic booking confirmation notifications.

Customers Reviews

Share customers reviews with your prospect clients.

Recurring Bookings

Easily offer discounts to returning customers.

Online Booking Notes

Keep online notes related to your customers special requests..

Sailing Lessons

Offer sailing lessons services for groups that wish to learn sailing while on holidays.

SailBook is trusted by hundreds of businesses all over the world and handles thousands of bookings every year. Register for free and join our successful partnership!

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Websites using SailBook API
Many more websites will join soon!
Standard Web Services
Always available
Customisations options

Use SailBook API and have a professional and customized look in your booking website. This is the most convenient way for your clients to show yachts availability. Our development team can assist you on the integration to fit your specific needs.

  • Explore the API Documentation
  • Decide on the web services you need
  • Play with the sandbox provided
  • Integrate with your website stylesheet
  • Show yacht availability on your website
See some of SailBook partners reviews
Ageri, Triton 48

Captain Lyk & Eva, We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience we have had! You are a great sailor (couldn't have moored the boat in some of those harbours without you) a great host and a great friend and Eva makes the best Moussaka! Thank you for sharing your boat with us and for taking us to all those magic places in this wonderful country. We have so many happy memories to take back home.

Michael P.


Elvira, Lagoon 500

We had an amazing time on Elvira! Captain Patrikis, Niko and Anna are wonderful hosts and made our cruise extra special! The captain planned our journey mad made all our desires happen. Anna is the BEST cook and a wonderful person. Nikos is more quiet but very nice too. We would highly recommend the Elvira and especially the crew to anyone - it has been a magical trip. The highlights were Anna's cooking, Paros Island and sailing with the dolphins

Coralia O.


ERATO, Motor Sailer

We were 4 couples from the USA cruising in the Saronic. Erato made our journey delightful. Spacious air-conditioned cabins and large decks, water toys to have sun with, a very helpful crew and so many enchanting places to visit! We will be back soon!

Jennifer & Rick


We grow with you

Big or small businesses...we love serving you all. Unlike other yacht booking systems, we base our pricing on the volume of features you use. You can have unlimited proposals, unlimited bookings and unlimited special offers!

We know that even if you are just starting out, it's the bookings - the business - that determines how well you are doing. That's why we enable you to start small and we grow with you.

We also know that as your practice grows, the more advanced your needs become. That's why the basic system is affordable - free even - and we only charge the more advanced things get.

Dozens of companies sign up every month
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SailBook is trusted by hundreds of businesses all over the world and handles thousands of bookings every year. Register for free and join our successful partnership!

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